Is Careington Dental a Good Plan?

Careington Dental plans are very good plans, really the best there is. After having helped over 10,000 individuals to save money at the dentist with different plans over the past 22 years, Careington's plans stand out as the best we have seen. They have incredible networks of dentists member gain access to at discounted rates and unbelievable customer service. There are other dental plans out there but none of them will save you as much as a Careington 500 Plan and that's why we recommend them to all of our clients. Why pay the same price or more for a different dental membership only to save less at the dentist. Give Careington dental plan a try with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Don't just take our word for it. Be sure to read all the reviews Careington members have left us below.

Take 30-Days to Decide - Satisfaction-Guarantee

Enroll in any plan and if you are not satisfied, cancel within 30-days and receive a full refund, less the processing fee.

How it Works

  1. Select a Plan and Join
  2. Find a Provider and Schedule an Appointment
  3. Start Saving!

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Careington Reviews

Read all the good reviews below that members of the Careington dental plan have left us.

Save A Lot of Money

"I have saved an incredible amount of money...about 50% each visit." - Dave

"I was quoted $1,450 for 2 root canals and under the plan my cost was only $820. I saved over $600!" - Tom

"Took my son to the dentist today, it was only $103 for everything. Before I would have paid over $300!" - Janet

"I've used my card twice. Both times I saved over 40%." - Amy, Texas

"I've saved over $1000 with this plan. Thank you so much Careington!" - Blanca

Thank You

"THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! You saved me money... I like that!" - Susan

Right Decision

"As a newly retired person I needed something to take the place of my prior plan. This plan has really helped so far..." - Hank

Easy to Use

"This plan has been real easy to use - simple is good!" - Jerry

Saved on Eyeglasses

"I saved over $83 on my exam and glasses - and this was at a private optometrist!" - Ron

"Thanks for including the vision plan with the dental plan." - LaVonne

Happy with the Plan

"Thank you for patiently answering my questions and the discount was more than I expected." - Michele

"Extremely happy with the plan. I think it is wonderful. Overall very happy." - Constance

"Thanks for letting me include my mother when I signed up for the plan." - Andrea

Good Service

"I really appreciate the help I got when I called for information... what you said has been pretty accurate. Thank you!" - Mandy

"I needed to see a dentist with an emergency and you guys really took care of me in helping me get in quickly... thanks!" - Maria


"I was quoted $1,450 for two root canals and under the plan my cost was only $820. I saved over $600!"

- Constance, Illinois