New Glasses Too Expensive? There is a Vision Plan for You

Having a vision plan as an add on with your traditional insurance plan can be quite expensive.  With what is taken out of consumers paychecks, it is also a shock to find out how expensive their co-pays are and when they take their prescription to be filled for new glasses, there is even a greater shock at the price of frames and lenses.  It makes you wonder why you are paying for this add on in the first place if you can’t get better savings than what you are getting.

Luckily, there is a vision program that has been designed to help consumers who either are dissatisfied with their current vision plan or do not have coverage at all.  Many consumers today can’t afford dental, vision and even health care because of lost wages, businesses being shut down and the economy in a down slope.  However, it is so important that you and your family have these coverages available to you.  It is easy to see why so many Americans are in such bad shape.  They can’t see well, have bad teeth and their health is probably even worse.

The vision program is designed to help consumers save money and have good vision care available to them.  The plan saves consumers money on doctor’s visits, eyeglass frames and lenses as well as contact lenses, scratch resistant lenses, bifocals and so on.  National chains such as Lenscrafters, J.C. Penney, Sears and Pearle Vision participate in the program so it is very easy to find a place to fill your prescription.  If you want LASIK surgery for a permanent result, it is covered under the plan, saving members anywhere from 10 to 35% off with certain providers.  There are more than 12,000 participating opticians nationwide and the number is growing weekly.

Having a good vision plan that saves you money is smart.  It can be affordable for you and your family even in this bad economy to have a vision program in place.  Keep your eyes healthy and do not skimp on this very important aspect of health care.  The discount vision plan can help you with all of your vision needs.

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