Don’t have Dental Insurance? A Discount Dental Plan is Available

In today’s economy having dental insurance is considered a luxury.  However, even people who have dental insurance are left with hefty dental bills after their insurance has paid its portion for the services rendered.  People without dental insurance are on the rise and more people do not have any dental coverage than ever before in history.  Traditional plans are becoming more and more expensive because insurance companies have to compensate for their economic losses, so they are charging more for premiums.  Another sad example is when a business has a large amount of claims because of unexpected illnesses or problems, and then the insurance company raises their premiums, making it impossible for the employer as well as the employee to pay their part.

A discount dental plan is available that does not work through any insurance company.  It is a discount service plan that provides savings for its members.  Dentists that participate in the program are highly trained professionals, licensed and specialized in all different areas of dentistry.  The dental plan includes not only general dentistry but also orthodontics, endodontists, prosthodontists and other types of specialists like oral surgeons.

Not only do you save money but you can visit your dentist whenever you want.  Traditional dental insurance dictates how many times a teeth cleaning is covered per year, usually once a year, maybe twice if you are lucky.  Being able to go to your dentist whenever you like is a great bonus to the plan.  There is also no age limit and anyone living in your household is included whether they are family or not.  This benefit has helped so many families who have taken in children because of a death in their family or having to take care of grandma who is on a fixed income and has come to live with you.

You don’t have to fret over high dental insurance any more.  You can get up to 70% discount on your dental work and a big percentage on oral surgery, braces and even more.  The dental plan is designed with you in mind.  Saving money on your dental care through this plan will help you and your family stay healthy without breaking the bank.

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