Concerned about the High Cost of Prescriptions? A Great Plan is Available

You hear it just about every time you go and pick up your prescriptions and it may have happened to you – someone has an out loud shocking response when the cashier tells them how much their prescriptions are.  You can also hear them say that they have insurance and it shouldn’t cost them this much.  Health care costs are on the rise and prescription costs are not exempt.  There have been comments floating around that senior citizens on a fixed income are juggling whether to buy medicine or food because they can’t afford both.

There is a plan that can help not only senior citizens but all consumers who want to save money on their prescriptions.  Consumers are paying outrageous prices for their medications while the drug companies are reaping huge paychecks at our expense.

The prescription plan that is available is designed to save money not only on generic prescriptions but on brand name alike.  Most prescriptions are included in the plan whether you have mail order or go to the retail store to pick them up.

There are almost 50,000 retail pharmacies available on the plan. Some of the national chains include Walgreens, WalMart, CVS and Target.  Consumers on average can save up to 10%-15% on brand name medicine and 20%-25% on generic medications. Mail order subscribers can also save big money on their high volume and maintenance drugs by using the program.

The prescription plan is affordable for individuals, families and even small business owners who are finding that it is cheaper to use the prescription discount program than to go through a traditional insurance company for their employee benefits.   

Do not do without your medicine.  If the high cost of prescriptions are bogging your wallet down and causing stress, then this program is for you.  Consumers who already have a prescription plan are switching to the discount plan because they are finding out that the savings outweigh what is being taken out of their paychecks under their health program.

The prescription plan is great.  There are added benefits that are available also at no cost.  Shouldn’t you be one of the ones saving money?

For more information on how a prescription plan can save you money at the pharmacy, click on one of the links.