Bundle Your Dental and Vision Plans and Save Money

Saving money is what it is all about these days.  More and more experts are coming out with advice on how families can save money by cutting back on their grocery bills, heating costs and other aspects of their monthly finances.  However, the biggest problem that consumers face is the rising cost of not only health care, but dental and vision care.  Many employers have opted to do away with their dental insurance because it has become so costly.  Likewise, employers may or may not still offer a vision plan for their employees but sometimes what is offered is a little pricey and this is being drafted from the employees checks every time.

What about the millions of people across the nation who have lost their jobs?  Paying health and dental insurance whether out of pocket or through a Cobra program is very expensive – so expensive that most Americans do without their health care as well as their dental and vision care.

There is a company that offers a dental and vision plan bundled in together for individuals as well as families.  The monthly cost for this program is about the cost of one dinner meal.  How do they do it?  Having a program that focuses on the consumer, helping them to save money is their main objective.  This program is gaining popularity because practitioners that participate in the program get paid immediately.  This way they can lower their “usual and customary” fee that they would normally charge to bill a patient’s insurance company just to get instant payment and not have a waiting period for the insurance company to pay them.  It is as simple as finding a participating practitioner, joining the program and presenting your discount card to them when you go for a visit. 

The dental plan is a great benefit by itself with up to 70% in discounts on services.  Adding in the vision plan with no extra charge gives consumers extra benefits by giving them deep discounts on their eye exams, eyeglass frames and contacts.  Eye exams and glasses are discounted anywhere from 15 to 35%. 

Bundling your dental and vision plans and saving money is possible and affordable, one you must at least check into.  You may find that you are paying too much with your dental insurance you currently have.

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