Bundle Plans that Save Big on Dental and Vision Benefits

If you could save money on your health benefits and still have good dental and vision care, it would be great, wouldn’t it?  Employers who provide dental insurance and vision insurance benefits are supposed to help the employee’s costs by providing them these programs and by paying most of the premiums themselves.  However, if you have these plans and think you are paying too much then you probably are.  Consumers with these benefits are finding out that they can save much more money.  It is a great benefit to have whether you already have coverage or not.  Many consumers are bundling these benefits, saving money and dropping their traditional coverage.

By having the opportunity to bundle your benefits is a great concept in itself.  However, saving tons of money and not having insurance hassles is even better.  With these plans, you are not enrolling in an insurance plan but are participating in a discount savings program whose members pick and choose what benefits they would like to have.

With traditional insurance through an employer, there is a dental plan and a vision plan that is two separate companies.  You have two separate premiums that are deducted from each paycheck whether or not you use them.  If you can’t afford to go to the dentist or get new eyeglasses then you are probably not even using your benefits and just having money deducted from your check every payday. It is a vicious cycle that a lot of us do not even realize.

With a discount dental and vision plan, you can save money not only when you go to the dentist or eye doctor, but you will also pay only a low monthly membership fee, much less than what is currently being deducted for your insurance coverage.  On average, members can save up to 60% on their dental work and anywhere from 15 to 35% on their eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses.

Being able to bundle your dental and vision plans is a great new way to save money and also your time.  There is no more waiting on insurance claims to pay because you pay what is owed up front and you will know exactly what your payment will be because of your discount membership.   There is no age limit and you can change providers without notifying anyone or getting “permission”.  Bundle and save with your dental and vision – you will be happy you did.

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